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Every time you step on your mat you are different. Your body changes from day to day. Your mindset changes based on a variety of circumstances. Through Yoga 2.46, online and in-studio, I provide a range of yoga offerings to suit any skill level, allowing you to choose what works for you today. 


I adhere to the functional approach to yoga as described by Paul Grilley - "A functional approach to yoga accommodates the diversity of people's bodies by focusing on the target area of the pose (for example, glutes and outer thigh in pigeon) and allowing the arms and legs move whatever way is necessary to access the target area." Carefully watching my students and giving clear cues to move into shapes that feel steady and comfortable allows them to be powerful in their practice wherever they are. 

Class Schedule & Sign-up

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Classes are $10 - $15. Pay as you feel called to.

Click the button below to see the full schedule and sign up. 

Tuesday Night Yin Classes are at Brash Yoga.

Click the button below to sign up. 

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